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Well, I figured I would relaunch my blog.   Different location, different software, but what the hell. 

About me….  Well, I work for Michigan State University as a Telecom Manager in the Telecommunications Systems Department.  I am responsible for the Telephone and Cable TV networks on campus (our department also handles the Fiber Optics, 2-Way Radios, Cellular and licensed Wireless on campus).   I deal a lot with Avaya telephone systems, and am just starting to get my feet wet with different cable-tv hardware.

I do quite a bit of Flex and ColdFusion programming in my day job.  We run lots of different systems, and I use ColdFusion as middleware to have them all talk with each other.   If a customer sees it, Flex is probably the front-end they are dealing with.  I’m not a fan of AJAX, and Flex has just been intriguing me to no end.

I am also very connected to the community.  I sit on the board of directors for LINC (the Lansing IT Networking Club) and the Mid-Michigan ColdFusion User’s Group.  I also am the manager of the Michigan Flex User’s Group, and seem to do most of the presentations.  I’ve also written articles for various magazines (FAQU, Avaya Users, etc), and do quite a bit of forum answering, etc.  I also help out with the MSU Bike Project, which takes broken bikes that would normally be thrown away and recycles them into working bikes.  We pain them an ugly green and rent them out to students for almost nothing. 

Spare time?   Hardly have any anymore since I bought my house in April.  But, I enjoy mountain biking (with my sweet Specialized Stump-Jumper!), watching the Simpsons, and working on websites…  I used to be all into BBSes, running my own for almost 15 years, but after a while I felt like I was the only pillar still holding up the old-school mentality. 

This blog will be about my experiences in the Telecom world, tips and tricks regarding Flex and ColdFusion, and some general rantings.   I’m not the best at grammer or spelling, but I noticed that this editor I’m working in has a spell checker, which should at least help one of the issues I normally have. 

Welcome!  Pull up a chair and stay for a while! 


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