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Speaking at 360|Flex in Atlanta!


360|Flex Atlanta BadgeI will be speaking at 360|Flex in Atlanta, this coming February (25th – 27th). I will be discussing An Introductory to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) principals, and how they relate in Flex.  I will be showing some code, but most of the talk will be theory.  That’s ok, because we all need theory to do descent programming ;)   This will be an introductory topic, so if you already know about OOP, it may be boring to you.

I will be covering :

  • Differences between Object Oriented Programming and Procedural Programming
  • Introduction to Objects, and why they exist
  • Objects as People
    • Functions and Properties
    • Interacting with ‘People’
  • Code Re-use
  • Other OOP Principals that you may have heard of

All in all, it should be a fun time!  I will also be joined by other speakers such as Ben Forta, Jeffery Houser,
and Michael Labriola just to name a few.

Sign-Up for 360|Flex today, as space is limited — but the party isn’t!


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