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What Labs gave us for Christmas


Better head over to Adobe Labs!  Today Adobe announced lots of new stuff:

  • Beta 3 of the Flex 3, Flex 3 Builder — The latest, and very polished versions of the Builder and runtime leading up to the final release of Flex 3.
  • Beta 3 of the AIR Runtime — Now with the final API’s named and placed, it is time to start building those AIR apps!  For those who don’t know what AIR is, it is an SDK that allows you to take your existing AJAX or Flex apps and make them desktop applications (browserless), in a Operating System agnostic way.  It also bring offline synchronization, filesystem and clipboard access to your applications as well.
  • BlazeDS — Adobe had decided to open-source a large portion of LiveCycle Data Services ES (formerly Flex Data Services), including the AMF protocol! The new platform includes all the Messaging (send a message out to the “channel”, and all the other clients get it in real-time), and Remote Object functionality.  Cost is no longer any issue for those applications.  Data Services and Proxying are still apart of the real LDS (but remember, there is LDS Express Edition, which is free for a single CPU!)   With AMF being opened up to the world, people will be able to make fully-compatible application servers in little time. 

Well, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!


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