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I’m going to 360|Flex. Are you?

What are you doing February 25-27th? You should definitely make the trip to Atlanta for the upcoming 360|Flex Conference. The news of what’s in store keeps getting better and it’s definitely a conference you should check out if your interested in Flex. It’s got a community feel where you can meet fellow developers and get your questions answered by some of the Flex team.

I’ve been following the updated schedule and the sessions look awesome. With free pre-conference training and everything else you just can’t beat the price of $480. I’m sure there will a few surprises, if not shenanigans as well.  I expect the keynotes to have some really, really big news too (ice cream and free puppy for each Flex 3 download?)

This is my second time attending 360|Flex and I’ll be speaking about Object Oriented Programming Principles in Flex.  It’s really going to be a 100-level, but should give even those who have been dabbling with Flex some great information. 

If you can make it, I’ll see you in Atlanta!

(Apologies to the Scale-Nine crew for the copy/paste — i liked your copy better!)


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