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Flex 3 Usergroup Tour Wrap-up


Well, last Wednesday, the 6th, the Michigan Flex User’s Group hosted Kevin Hoyt, in what was being called the "Flex 3 / AIR Usergroup tour".  Kevin has been traveling across the country (and soon the world) to spread the word about Adobe Flex 3 and AIR technologies.  I was lucky to spend a majority of the day with him, and was able to tour Lansing’s own Techsmith Corporation with him.  Heck, Bill Hamilton, the president of the company even took us out to lunch!

Our hopes were high of getting a great attendance for the meeting, with 73 people registered to attend, however, Mother Nature decided to play a cruel joke on us by throwing one of the largest snow storms in Lansing’s last 8 years.  I was really hoping to get a good turn out, as we were the smallest city on the Flex tour, and really wanted to show how strong our market is. Despite the weather, 28 enthusiastic individuals showed up, with about 12 people calling me that afternoon letting me know that driving 60 miles or so in the snow wasn’t going to happen to the UG meeting.  Those 28 who did show up got first crack at an excellent presentation, and some of the best prizes we’ve given away to date.  All-in-all we had an excellent turn out, and a lot of people showing the same enthusiasm that I have for Flex and AIR.

If you were unable to make it because of the weather, don’t despair!  I will be covering much of the same material as was covered during this past meeting, plus some deeper-dives into some new stuff. 

(Photos stolen from Betsy Weber)


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