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Flex 3 & AIR released TODAY!


As expected, and noted in my previous Blog entry, Adobe made some big announcements today including:

  • Adobe Flex 3 — The RIA application framework used to design the latest Internet applications deployed to the cross-platform Flash Player.
  • Adobe Flex Open Source — Adobe has announced that the Flex Framework, and SDK will are now open sourced.  This allows developers to see and modify the internals to the framework and sumbit them back to the community
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 1.0 — The runtime used to deploy cross-platform desktop applications to Windows, MacOSX and soon the Linux Platforms.  Used with AJAX and Flex clients.
  • BlazeDS — An opensource project to allow Remote Object and Messaging among various Flex and AJAX clients.


More details to come…  Just thought I would spread the news!


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