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Flex Camp Cleveland Announced


There is an excellent one-day software conference in Cleveland on April 7th.  It’s called Flex Camp Cleveland and it offers an opportunity to get a fast education to programming in Flex by Adobe.  Please visit www.flexcampcleveland.com to see the line-up of expert guest speakers.  Ben Forta, noted author and web developer, will give the keynote address.

Flex is software tool that lets you create powerful applications that run in your browser or on your desktop.  These applications are different from ordinary HTML applications because they are actually RIA’s, or Rich Internet Applications.  Once you see a Flex application, you will understand why they are so much more interesting than HTML applications.

Flex Camp Cleveland was organized by the Cleveland Flex Users Group (CLEFUG), which is just a bunch of programmers who get together and share ideas about Flex.  We contacted several Flex experts and put together a full day of one-hour presentations to help the beginning Flex developer get on their feet with Flex.

Two of the instructors are with Adobe, and the rest are Flex experts from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.  The keynote speaker is Ben Forta, noted author, developer, and instructor.  We will also be giving away raffle prizes such as books and software.

The cost is only $25.00, including lunch.  To register for Flex Camp Cleveland, visit www.flexcampcleveland.com


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