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Monthly Archives: June 2008

It’s official : Michigan:FlexCamp!


Flex Camp Michigan

Well, it is officially happening! The Michigan Flex User’s Group is hosting a Flex Camp, which is essentially a ‘Boot Camp’ for Flex, Flash and ActionScript technologies.  It’s happening on the 30th and 31st of July, in Lansing, Michigan.  Cost is $40 for both days, and $25 for a single day.  Day 1 will be mostly beginner stuff, and Day 2 will be intermediate. The Camp series from Adobe is completely hands-on, and extremely interactive.


ColdFusion FREE for education?


I’m watching the blog-o-sphere as to what is happening at CFUnited, and I saw people note that Adobe has decided to make their ColdFusion Enterprise Application Server free to Faculity and Students. 

This is great news!  I’m still waiting on the details, but this move has the potential to mitigate the biggest complaint people have on learning the language : the cost to learn it. 

FITC ‘Last Call’ Contest


From the FITC Conference that is coming over to Chicago next week:

FITC ‘Last Call’ Contest:


The first 10 people who answer the skill testing question "What does FITC stand for?" get a free ticket to FITC Chicago, June 22 – 23 at the Doubletree Hotel Chicago (formerly the Chicago City Centre Hotel).


Deadline to enter is Thursday, June 19 at midnight!


To enter, go to http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pBk-8Hvbj8g-tQLuXWg_Gaw&email=true 


Winners will hear back by end of day Friday, via e-mail.


For complete event details, go to http://www.fitc.ca/chicago.

5-Minute CRUD with ColdFusion, LiveCycle and ColdFusion


I finally got a good recording of my presentation on 5-Minute CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on Breeze! This demo was doomed, for some odd reason, as every other time I was plagued with bad audio, messed up recordings, or demos that didn’t work right.

I gave a presentation to the ColdFusion Online Meetup Group that Charlie Arehart runs this last Thursday.  I normally do this preso in two hours, so I became kinda rushed at the end, but the main concepts and demos still were there.  Enjoy!

Link : Online Recording

Downloads : ZIP File