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I’ve been interviewed!


Well, an interview I did with Rick Mason from the Mid-Michigan Coldfusion Users Group has been posted as apart of the CFConversations Podcast.  If you haven’t heard of the podcast, it is hosted by Brian Meloche as is a great listen if you have anything to do with ColdFusion.  And i’m not just saying that because I’m in one of them 😛

Link to the interview here

During the interview, I went out on a limb, and talked about frameworks.  As you probably already know, I’m not a big fan of the popular frameworks that exist in the CF world.  Most of them are very big and bulky, and often don’t provide much for you (other than coding standards).  I’m a big fan of coding standards (and patters for that matter), just not the frameworks that people use to implement them.  Listen to the podcast, you’ll see.

I was expecting to get a ton of email or comments from irate ColdFusion users after this was initally posted, but not a peep.  In fact, the comments on Brian’s site were mostly positive :)  After talking to Dan Wilson about the subject at 360|Flex in Atlanta, I thought I was the only one who tought this way :)  (BTW, if you ever get a chance, talk to Dan.  He’s an awesome guy!!)


2 responses to “I’ve been interviewed!

  1. Darth Sidious July 28, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Well it really just boils down to what are the problems that need to be solved, and what are the priorities. You weigh the pros and cons of all your options and make a decision that’s best for your business.

  2. Kevin August 11, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    I’m glad you talked about frameworks. I’ve used CF since 2005, so I am fairly new to CF and programming in general, and I must say, I never could come up with a good reason to justify the expenditure of my time to learn a framework. The depth of CF has kept me very busy (learning). What you said about needing to keep things neat has been difficult for me. I have realized that it comes down to planning the site and one thing that I did not hear mentioned (in the interview) was the use of UML. I come from an electronics background so I have used block diagrams and schematics, which are similar to UML. There’s no way I could have troubleshot a piece of equipment without those diagrams. I recently got hired as a CF programmer, or so I thought, only to be told I was going to maintain a PHP web site, other than knowing of PHP, I had never written a line of code in PHP. Anyway the point is, it sure would have been a lot easer to understand the web site, if it had been documented with UML. Block diagrams can go a long way in making the layout of the site and code understandable, so it seems. UML itself can be overwhelming because it too is very deep. However, if you can get past all the different diagrams that are available in UML and figure out which diagrams you need to use (there seems to be hundreds to choose from), it seems to me that this would go a long way towards getting the “big picture”, once you get the big picture, you can take each item and break it down into it’s own diagram. Anyway, the point of this comment is to find out if any CF programmers use UML. I myself have only recently started using UML, but it seems like it would greatly help out anyone who had to maintain someone elses code, and of course it would benefit me while writing the code.

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