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360|Flex Sessions being posted


As a part of the new ‘hyper-drive’ project that Adobe is running, all of the sessions at 360|Flex in San Jose are being recorded.  All of the videos are HD quality, with the audio and video directly from the speakers.

More information is available from Ted Patrick’s website (http://www.onFlex.org). All the videos are being posted to the AMP (Adobe Media Player). The videos are currently being transcoded and posted, and should be all up over the next few weeks. There are lots and lots of great sessions at this conference, and the nice thing is that all this content is now available (for free!).


One response to “360|Flex Sessions being posted

  1. Bangkok December 13, 2008 at 9:49 am

    I´am be anxious to the new flex…I´ve used this program since 2 years, and iam very pleased! I hope on the next time there would more inventions/ updates.

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