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Flex Authority – Components edition is out!


Flex Authority MagazineWell, after a long wait, issue 2 of the Flex Authority Magazine is finally out!  I’ve a chance to read it in its entirety, and I have to say, I’m impressed. Despite my own article, there is some really good content in there.  I applaud Jeff Houser, and the rest of the FA team for putting this thing together.

I am really enjoying Billy Spelchan’s article on writing a game in Flex — it is opening my eyes on a lot of things I never really thought of before.  John WIlker’s article is pretty cool too — the planning and programming side of an app that we used at 360|Flex in Atlanta and San Jose.

Of course, my article was about data communications again.  This time I talked about making a simple collaboration application using BlazeDS or LCDS.  You can even see my awesome attempt at drawing Mickey Mouse using my sample app :).  My code samples are available here.

Make sure to check it out!  $15 each, or $50 for a subscription.  They also have a PDF-Only subscription available for $30, as well.


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