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Monthly Archives: March 2009



You heard me right…  Lansing, Michigan will be holding our first Ignite event on April 17th, 2009!  For those of you who don’t know what Ignite is,
Ignite is an event that is a social gathering to help spread knowledge and have fun.   The event is primarily about presentations, where people give very quick, 5 minute presentations about pretty much about any topic.  As my friend Randy Brown said, it is ‘speed dating for presentations’.  Presentations are voted on (by you!) based on categories, like how funny they were, and how good the props are.  Topics range from how to make your business more efficient to how to brush your dog’s teeth.

More information is available on the IgniteLansing website at http://www.igniteLansing.com. Call for topics is open until the end of the month, and general admission tickets are available at the end of this week (at our website).

Check it out — it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun!


Ryan Stewart coming to Michigan!


On April 9th, 2009 Ryan Stewart an Evanglist from Adobe, will be visiting us at the Michigan Flex Users Group on the campus of Michigan State University.  Ryan will be talking to us about Flash Catalyst, a new, unreleased product from Adobe that will be used to prototype Flex and RIAs.  Don’t worry, he will talk about all sorts of cool stuff that is happening in the Flex and Flash Platform world.

The Flex Group will be providing a light meal, and we will be going out for drinks after the meeting.

We will be meeting on the campus of Michigan State University, in the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.  The exact room number will be posted to the Michigan Flex Users Group website soon.