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360|Flex Indy Wrap-Up


So, another conference has come and gone… But as usual, 360|Flex rocked everybody’s socks off! This time around, I was asked to speak on ColdFusion, Flex and LCDS Magic, which ended up being a very fun and interesting topic to present on — well at the very least, I’m passionate about it :) 

I was also very fortunate to have one of the local companies, TechSmith come along with me.  Not only did they sponsor the show, but they also sponsored the Michigan Flex User Group’s transportation down to Indy!  Betsy and Brooks were excellent hosts, and continue to be great assets to the User Group, and the community at large.

The location of the show this time around was pretty awesome!  The show itself was held at an old train station, actually the first train station in the United States.  Great, beautiful halls, and lots of history made this place really unique.  If I wasn’t there to learn, I probably would have had my camera out all the time, snapping photos πŸ™‚

As usual, the sessions were top notch.  Even topics that I convinced myself that I knew a lot about, I learned tons.  I was able to listen into Michael Labriola’s presentation hour long presentation on Arrays which was just excellent, and I was peek into Christian Contrats’s sessions on LCDS and Data Management.  I even learned a lot from Joe Johnston’s session on Design and UX processes πŸ™‚

Overall, this conference continues to be my favorite, and I’m looking forward to 360|Flex 2010!

My session’s code samples, recording and power point will be posted soon πŸ™‚


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