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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Hardware Hacking with Flex and the Arduino

This weekend I had a chance to play some more with the Arduino that I got at 360|Flex.  I’ve got so many ideas of things I want to build with it, which is probably a bad thing.  I’ve got $60 worth of parts coming from SparkFun just so I can play with more than a few LEDs 🙂

I made a 20 minute screencast on a little project I made this weekend.  It is a volume meter that reacts to MP3’s playing in a Flex app.  In its entirely, the entire project is very simple — 4 LEDS connected to the Arduino, and a 50 line Flex 4 application which controls them.  I’d like to say that there was a hard part to this, but thanks to Justin Mclean’s class, there really wasn’t one.  You can download the Flex source-code to the app here (but you will have to supply your own MP3 to play in the assets folder).

Hardware Hacking with the Arduino ScreenCast


An Intro to ColdFusion Builder

ColdFusion Builder was released yesterday, and in all honesty I’ve been using it for about 6 months now (public and private betas).  It’s been rock solid and chalk-full of features, even for a 1.0 release.  Adobe also realized that they can’t make every feature available for the 1.0 release, so they made the entire thing extremely extensible.  But they didn’t just make it extensible, they made it extensible with ColdFusion / CFML code!  Now anybody can enhance the IDE to their liking.

Check out my screencast on how to do the basic setup of ColdFusion Builder.  More screencasts to come shortly about some of the cool features, like how to use the extensions :

ColdFusion Builder Introduction

Welcome to the family, Flash Builder 4!

This morning Adobe’s Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder 1.0 were released!  I feel like both have been in beta for ages and ages, but that’s most likely because they’ve been stable so long, and the world has been using it for at least the last six month.

So, what’s so great about Flash Builder 4? Lots and lots.  This 4th generation IDE really strives to make our (developers) lives better by making the work flows faster and better.   One of the biggest updates is the inclusion of the “DCD” or Data-Centric-Development work flow.  Flash Builder 4 abstracts all of the work that went into connecting Flex to database or back-end server like PHP or ColdFusion.  In mere seconds you can populate a datagrid from a web-service or AMF based PHP/ColdFusion code without worrying about all the connecting code that went into it.  And the code that is generated is not sloppy, template laden crud we would expect to find, but rather a best-practices implementation that is extendable to match how you are coding today.  DCD also allows for some of the features that were difficult to implent without the help of LCDS in the past like publishing the changes back to the database, data paging, etc.

Below is a quick screencast I made detailing the DCD workflow in Flash Builder 4:

Introduction to Data-Centric Development in Flash Builder 4

I will be posting more tutorials soon on some of my more favorite features of FB4, and ColdFusion Builder.  This is truly an epic release and I’m glad I was able to be able to work it in its final release 🙂