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Monthly Archives: July 2008

I’ve been interviewed!


Well, an interview I did with Rick Mason from the Mid-Michigan Coldfusion Users Group has been posted as apart of the CFConversations Podcast.  If you haven’t heard of the podcast, it is hosted by Brian Meloche as is a great listen if you have anything to do with ColdFusion.  And i’m not just saying that because I’m in one of them 😛

Link to the interview here

During the interview, I went out on a limb, and talked about frameworks.  As you probably already know, I’m not a big fan of the popular frameworks that exist in the CF world.  Most of them are very big and bulky, and often don’t provide much for you (other than coding standards).  I’m a big fan of coding standards (and patters for that matter), just not the frameworks that people use to implement them.  Listen to the podcast, you’ll see.

I was expecting to get a ton of email or comments from irate ColdFusion users after this was initally posted, but not a peep.  In fact, the comments on Brian’s site were mostly positive :)  After talking to Dan Wilson about the subject at 360|Flex in Atlanta, I thought I was the only one who tought this way :)  (BTW, if you ever get a chance, talk to Dan.  He’s an awesome guy!!)


Why is being #2 a bad thing?


Some things in life I don’t think I’ll ever get. What is so wrong with getting the silver metal, or #2 in line.

I’ll start off the post with saying that everybody should strive to be the "winner" (if they want to, of course).  I do it all the time.  There is something to be said about being on the top of your game.

But with the recent turn of events at Yahoo, one of my favorite companies, it seems that being the second biggest search engine is not good enough for investors. The "market" (which for the most part seems to be WallStreet tycoons that barely know how to check their own email, and ultra-geeks who shun anybody whom dosen’t use Linux) has pretty much told the world that Yahoo is useless.  Let alone the fact that they are still listed as the most popular website globally, they are tagged as being "non-innovative", "stagnent", or "dead". If you read Slahdot (which *always* has the most accurate information, ahem), you will leave thinking that Yahoo gets all of 10 hits a day.

Yet, Yahoo is being forced into a corner with their backs to the walls for being the #2 search company on the web. Does Google garner more searches? Yeah, probably.  But the Yahoo portal (which includes just about everything under the sun, such as News, Yellow Pages, Travel, Socal Networking, Mapping, most of which they are pretty good at) is much more than search.  This would be akin to a car coming with the #2 brand tires and told that it is useless, although the rest of it is far superior to every other car out there. 

While I do blame most of the Yahoo problem on day-traders and bump-and-dump stock holders, the internet community as a whole is not helping. Saying that they are not relevant when it is only true for themselves will end up hurting the community as a whole.  I don’t blame Microsoft on this one — they are looking out for their own interests, and I respect that (they are in a distant 3rd for search, almost #4 behind the FaceBook). 

Let Yahoo keep their Silver metal.  They meet the needs of very many people who just don’t like the others. They do good in many places, and seem to be a very wholseome company.

I’m going to the Michigan FlexCamp, are you?



Registration is filling up at the Michigan FlexCamp!  Are you signed up yet?  With presentations from Nick Kwiatkowski (that’s ME!), John Farrar, Joe Johnston, and speakers from Adobe,

The Michigan Flex Camp is a day-and-a-half "boot camp" that is designed for Beginners to Flex and Web 2.0 technologies.  $25 gets you in the door for one day, and $40 gets you in for two days. 

Hope to see you there!!